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Movement Activities

These preschool and toddler movement activities are a great way to get your children (and yourself) up and moving in a fun way! For children under the age of 2, please see "Teeny Tinies."

**You are responsible for ensuring that each activity is safe and appropriate for your child.

Kids Playing Tug of War

We believe that movement and physical activity are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Movement plays an important role in developing and maintaining a healthy body. It helps to improve cardiovascular health, build and maintain strong bones, improve posture and balance, develop coordination and muscles, and even help children to concentrate better.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is suggested that toddlers get 3 hours of activity each day - or 15 minutes per hour they are awake. Through a variety of simple activities and games, we strive to encourage children to be active and learn the importance of movement.

So, throw a ball, go for a walk or try out our fun theme-based games! 

Check out our free preschool movement activities for each theme,

by clicking on individual tabs.

Click on an image to head to that activity.

Themes are listed in alphabetical order. 

Around the World Movement

Race to the Airport

Image by Hanson Lu

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 10 min 

Best Done: Indoors 

More Movement Ideas!

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