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Move Like...My Favorite Thing

Each child gets to be a leader with this fun circle movement game, perfect for an All About Me theme!

Materials Needed

Move Like..My Favorite Thing!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 7 minutes

Best done: Indoors/outdoors

Main Movement: Creative movment :Running, jumping, skipping etc.

Children smiling in a circle

Materials Needed

  • Open Space

Let's Play!

  • This "all about me" themed game is a very easy and fun way for kids to get to know each other and express themselves while moving their bodies! 

  • To begin : if you have four or more children, form a large circle. (less than four just stand in a line but spread out.

  • The first "leader" calls out "Move like a...(favorite thing). This can be anything that they really like and lead the movement!

  •  For example: 

    • Move like a car: children can stick hands in front of themselves and move around like a car​

    • Move like a bear: get down on all fours and move this way.

**Children can either stay in the circle OR move all around the space during the game. As long as the focus goes to the next child after a certain amount of time (a visual timer works great for this).

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