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Find the Hidden Treasure

Arrrr it's time for a treasure hunt!

Materials Needed

Treasure Hunt

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Outdoors (Indoors in gym)

Main Movement: Running

Image by Lena De Fanti

Materials Needed

  • At least three players

  • Treasure box (could be any box) 

  • Space to move/ hide treasure

  • Pirate ship: can be any marked off space or mat

Let's Play!

Determine your area where children may hide the treasure and set-up the "pirate ship" - can be any area you designate as such.

Then choose: 

One child: Hider: hides the treasure

Other two or more children : pirates

  • The "pirates" close their eyes on their "pirate ship" while the hider hides the treasure. **Younger children may need a scarf to cover their eyes so they do not peek!

  • When the hider is done, they come back to the pirate ship and say "Arrr time to search for treasure!" 

  • The pirates then run around looking for the treasure. Whoever finds it first wins! They become the hider next. 

  • Play as many times as desired!

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