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Octopus Grab 

Your children will work as a team to grab as many balls as possible with this fun ocean animal themed game!

Materials Needed

Octopus Grab

Difficulty Level: Hard

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Best done: Indoors/Outdoors

Main Movement: Coordination


Materials Needed

  • Small balls, bean bags work too

  • Open space

  • 8 + players

Let's Play!

  • This octopus game requires open space: a gym, large yard, beach whatever - as long as there is room to move! 

  • Divide your group into teams of four, if you have uneven numbers, the ones who are not currently playing can be the ones to "spread the fish"  

  • Spread the fish - take as many balls (or bean bags) as you have and spread them out all over your playing space. 

  • Have teams link arms in a cicle - this works best if players on each team are around the same height.

  • One everyone is ready have teams move together to try and pick up as many fish as possible using their 8 "tentacles" (aka 8 arms). 

    • Let children figure out their own technique as much as possible though they may need some hints such as:​

      • Moving slower will make it easier to move as a group​

      • Bend as a group to pick up balls

      • Gather balls in clusters when possible (aka try to pick up numerous balls as everyone bends).

  • Either set a timer to end the game OR once all balls are picked up. Whoever has the most at the end wins! Make sure you switch in your "fish spreaders" for the next round!​

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