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Race to the Airport

Can you and your teammates make it to the airport on time?!

Materials Needed

Race to the Airport

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Running

Image by Hanson Lu

Materials Needed

  • At least four players

  • Suitcase (Or bag)

  • Space to move

  • Scarves (or other items to "pack"

  • Hula Hoops - to mark airpor

  • Scooter

Let's Play!

Determine where the "airport" will be and mark the space with a hula hoop or cones. 

Then set up the "stations" - distanced away from one another to allow space to move.

  1. Suitcase packing station - pack some items (such as scarves)

  2. Suitcase packing station - finishing packing suitcase (such as more scarves or bean bags)

  3. Taxi stand - scooter

Set a timer and tell children that they need to make it to the airport bu the time the timer is out! (Begin with a longer period of time and lessen it as the children get used to the challenge). 

Have the first child "pack" some of the bag with scarves and then run to the next packing station. 

The next child then finishes "packing" and runs to the taxi station.

This child takes the luggage and rides the scooter to the airport!

To mix things up, children can also switch stations as desired. Have children change movements - instead of running they can: jump, leap, spin etc. 

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