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Play Connect Guidelines

Welcome to Play Connect, we are so excited you are here!

To get you started we have compiled some tips and tricks in using the "member portion" and "find a playgroup portion" of our website.


Your profile:

It is your choice if you would like to make your profile page public or keep it private. Please note that if you decide to keep it private, you may still utilize the playdate search function and your basic information will be displayed there.

Feel free to post pictures and content on your profile page. Though it is your page, it must comply with our terms and conditions. Do not post anything inappropriate to your page.


Play Date Search

You may notice that when you search for members in your zip code and child’s age range

the information that shows up is limited to: Parent’s name, Child’s name, Child’s Age, and Zip code. This is done to protect your privacy. When you click “connect” you will be able to send a note to the parent and include your e-mail address. (Be sure to check your spam folder as well). If you wish to do so, you may then include the link to your profile (if it is set to public).


If you do not see any members currently in your area, we suggest searching other zip codes nearby! We are a new and growing community so it may take some time for members to show up. To help, please feel free to share us on social media – the more people who share, the more can sign up, and we can all grow together!


Play Group Groups (Member Portion)

If you form good connections with people and wish to form an official “Play Group” you may do so! Just click on the groups link on your profile page. You can set your group settings to private and only invite certain members (such as those in your group) to join. Here you may post pictures, comments, update etc. If you would like to, you may also register your playgroup with the website, this will give non-members access to the basic information about your playgroup. (They will not be able to view the member group though unless they become members).


Meet Up Suggestions:

There are many great places to meet up and play and you know your area better than anyone, but here are some suggestions we have!

Playground/park: probably the best place because kids can easily play

Splash Pad: A great choice for hot, summer months

Ice skating rink

Bowling alley


Safety Tips

We do our best to keep our members safe by running their information through the sex offender registry however, the playgroups that are registered on the site are not monitored by us. We would like to add some more tips to follow:

*Meeting up with members and attending playgroups: We HIGHLY suggest that you meet in a well-trafficked public location (such as a park) especially if it is your first time meeting up. What better place for a play group to meet!

*Do not give out any personal details such as: full address, social security number, ID Cards

*Never send or request money be sent to you

*Do not give out phone number to people you have not met

*Only post pictures if you are given permission to do so

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