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Science Activities

These (older) toddler and preschool science activities are perfect for children who like to observe, experiment, and ask why! For children under the age of 2, please see "Teeny Tinies."

**You are responsible for ensuring that each activity is safe and appropriate for your child.

Science Class

We believe that science fosters children's curiosity, observation, focus and exploration.

Simply by asking why, children can make sense of the world around them and develop a passion for learning. Science is everywhere and can be encouraged through playing in the dirt, grabbing a magnifying glass and looking up at the sky.


To further encourage their learning, we offer fun, free science activities tailored to children of all ages. With Play Connect, every child is a scientist!

Check out our free toddler and preschool science activities for each theme,

by clicking on individual tabs.

Click on an image to go to that activity page.

Themes are listed in alphabetical order. 

Around the World Science

What can we throw the Farthest?

Image by Leo Rivas

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 Min

Best Done: Outdoors

Science Tools that are great for exploring!

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