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Welcome to
Play Connect

Join Play Connect and discover a world of play! Make lasting connections with like-minded parents and enjoy endless opportunities for fun and learning. Our platform helps you easily find and connect with members in your area to form playgroups or make playdates with children of all ages – plus, we provide optional play activities to make it even easier. Come join us and make the most of your playtime!


Organize play dates and get-togethers with other families and children.

Through these activities, your child will gain social skills and make lasting friendships.


Our website provides a safe and secure platform for you to meet other families and connect with them. You can even use our internal messaging system to arrange playdates and other activities.

By joining Play Connect, you’ll be able to provide your child with the social connection they need to thrive and to make friends in an enriching environment.

Drawing Time


At Play Connect, we believe that unstructured playtime is essential for a child's development. However, it can be fun to add in some structured activities based on children's interests. For children ages 6 months and up, we have a variety of activities and resources available. From physical activities to arts and crafts, our website provides a variety of activities that can keep your child engaged and entertained.

Teeny Tinies (6 months - 2 years)

Play Actvities (2 years and up)


For those looking for full preschool lessons, please visit our preschool resources page for more information.

Fun Winter Play Dates

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