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Play Connect

We connect you with members in your area to form and find playgroups or make playdates with children of all ages!

We also provide optional play date activities.


The benefits of children playing are obvious. They need social connection to help them learn and grow. 

Play Connect helps you connect with families in your area to help make that possible. 

Become a member and find families with children in your child's age group!

Drawing Time


Though unstructured playtime is extremley beneficial to a child's development it is fun to add in some structured activities based on children's interests.


For children ages 6 months and up please see:

Teeny Tinies

For children 2 years and up please see 

Play Activities

If you are looking for full preschool lessons, please see our preschool resources page. 

Fun Winter Play Dates


Go to a local sledding hill!

*Gather up your sleds and have fun racing (safely) down the hill! 

*Warm up afterwards with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

Child sitting on sled

Bake Cookies

Whether you celebrate the holidays or now, cookies are such a fun activity!

*Choose some family recipes and make some tasty treats!

*Do a cookie exchange

*Have a cookie party! (Finish off with hot chocolate of course)

Girl and adult rolling dough

Ice Skating

*Check out your local ice skating rink (indoor or outdoor)! ​

*Practice moving around on the ice!

*If your child(ren) don't wish to use skates yet, many rinks will let young kids just slide around on their shoes).

3 girls ice skating

Just play!

There are so many fun things to do in the snow but sometimes it's best to just play! 

Head to a local park and:

*Run in the snow

*Make snow angels

*Build snow people (or animals!) 

*Make snow balls

Three kids laying in the snow
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