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Pumpkin Bowling 

If your children like to bowl, they are sure to love this Halloween twist on it!

Materials Needed

Pumpkin Bowling

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Best done: Outdoors

Main Movement: Tossing - Hand-eye Coordination

Kids with Pumpkins

Materials Needed

  • Small Pumpkins (Real or fake) 

  • 10 empty plastic water bottles (Reusable or other)

Let's Play!

  • You will need: a small pumpkin (pie pumpkins work great or fake pumpkins), and 10 empty bottles (plastic pop or water bottles work well).

  • Fill the bottles about half way with water so that they do not tip over super easily. 

  • Arrange the bottles in a triangle shape (i.e. rown of 4 then 3 then  2 then 1). 

  • Choose a "bowling start point" and roll the pumpkin! See who can knock the bottles over! 

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