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Art Experiences

These activities are appropriate for children 6ish months and up. For children ages 2 and up, please see "Play Activities."

**You are responsible for ensuring that each activity is safe and appropriate for your child.

Image by Felipe Ferreira

Art experiences are a great way to let young babies explore their creativity and develop their fine motor skills.


As they grow, babies can learn to recognize colors, shapes and patterns, as well as develop their hand-eye coordination.


Art activities can be adapted to meet each baby's individual needs and abilities, and provide a fun and creative learning experience. From finger painting to squishing pom poms, there are a variety of ways for babies to explore the world of art. With the right materials and parental guidance, babies can develop their creativity and imagination while enjoying art activities.

Below we provide structured art experiences however we encourage you to allow your baby to simply explore art matierals whenever possible!

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Themes are listed in alphabetical order.