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Valentine's Day Bean Bag Toss

Toss the bean bag to reach the inside of the heart!

Materials Needed

Valentine's Bean Bag Toss

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Tossing

heart with numbers

Materials Needed

  • Cone (or something to mark start)

  • Painter's Tape

  • Bean Bags

Let's Play!

To begin, decide where you will place your "heart target," this works well either on the floor or wall (as long as nothing breakable is around). 

Form a small heart with painter's tape, surrond it in a larger heart, and one more very large heart on the outside. (As shown in the image above). 

**You could also form these with construction paper if desired.

Choose how many points you want each part of the target to be worth - for example: 3 for the smallest (inside), 2 for the next, and one for the outermost. 

Determine your tossing point and mark it with something (like a cone). 

Have each child take turns tossing a bean bag (each could throw two per turn). The earn points based on where their bean bag lands. 

*Play to ten points or whichever number you choose.

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