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Earth Day Movement Challenges

How many of these challenges can you complete?!

Materials Needed

Earth Day Movement Challenges

Difficulty Level: Easy - Medium

Time Needed: 20 minutes

Best done: Outdoors 

Main Movement: Biking, running, jumping

Riding Roller Skates

Materials Needed

  • Bike or rollerskates

  • Outdoors

  • Movement Challenge Page (optional)

Let's Play!

  • These movement challenges are perfect for celebrating Earth Day all week long! 

  • Print off the movement challenges and have your child check them off as they complete them!

  • Movement challenges on PDF:




  • Walk somewhere instead of driving  


  • Do jumping jacks for one minute

  • Go for a bike ride or rollerblade/skate

  • Play a sport with friends

  • Run in place for two minutes

  • Have a dance party

  • Go shopping with reusable bags

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