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Fall Tree Relay Race

Get ready to race to build a fall tree with this fun fall-themed gross motor game! This relay race encourages cooperation and teamwork - gather some sticks and leaves and get ready to have some fun!

Materials Needed

Fall Tree Relay Race

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Outdoors

Main Movement: Running

child holding red leaf

Materials Needed

  • Sticks

  • Leaves

  • Open Space

Let's Play!

  • To begin, gather some sticks and leaves (a great adventure to do with your children)! Gather at least 10 leaves (more if more children are playing) and 2 large sticks along with some smaller ones.  

  • ​Next, set up your area to play: ​

    • Set the largest sticks at "tree building" spot (one for each team)
    • Set the leaves and sticks at the "starting spot" - longer distance from the building spot for older children, shorter distance for younger children.
    • Place indiviudal sticks into small containers if using (so children aren't running while holding sticks!​ Place leaves in a basket for children to grab from (same number of leaves in each team's basket)

  • Do a "run through" with the teams so they can see how to build their trees: first the smaller sticks (if using), then each member places their leaf. One teammate runs at time, when they get back to their team the next person in line goes. 

  • Whichever team has completed their tree first wins!

    • Variation: shout out a way to move (instead of just running) :​jumping, skipping, speed walking etc. 

  • **A different way to play - team game

    • Children all work together to try and build the biggest tree: Set materials out and set a timer, children must work together to build the biggest tree in however much time you give them. ​

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