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Build a Snowman Relay Race

Who will win the race to build a snowman?

Materials Needed

Snowman Relay Race

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Outdoors or indoors - large space

Main Movement: Running

Image by Vladimir Haltakov

Materials Needed

  • At least four players

  • Hula Hoops (body of snowman)

  • Scarves 

  • Hat

  • Pom Poms (or something similar) - buttons and eyes/mouth on snowman

  • Space to move

Let's Play!

Divide children up into two teams (if it is a large group, divide by more). 

Give each group a full set of the snowman building materials

  • Each team gets into a line. All of the teams stand on the same general horizontal line - starting place. 

  • Discuss where they should begin building their snowman.

  • The first player in each team runs and sets down a piece of their snowman. 

  • Once that player is back, the next can go.

  • Whichever team builds their snowman first, wins!

**Outdoor option: 

Have children work together to build the biggest/most number of snowmen they can in a given amount of time. 

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