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Three Little Pigs Movement

Read "The Three Little Pigs" and then run around with this fun game!

Materials Needed

Three Little Pigs Movement

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Best done: Outdoors (Indoors in gym)

Main Movement: Running

Three small pigs

Materials Needed

  • At least four players

  • Materials to create and outline - cones, balance beams, ribbon sticks etc.

  • Space to move

Let's Play!

Each player (or team if more than 4) will choose to be:

Pig 1: House of straw

Pig 2: House of sticks

Pig 3: House of bricks


Following this, have each pig create their "house." It really needs to just be an outline - cones, balance beams, ribbon sticks etc. work. 


The wolf goes to Pig 1 house and says something along "Little pig, little pig let me come in" 

Pig says (like in the book): "no I will not let you in"

The wolf then "huffs and puffs" 

When the wolf begins this part - the pigs run to PIG 2 house. 

**The wolf can try and tag the pigs, they are then out.

The game continues the same as above at PIG 2 house until the wolf huffs and puffs.


At this point the wolf races the pigs to get to PIG 3 house. 

Whoever gets there first wins the game. 

*Then switch up teams and play again so everyone may play different roles.

**What is pig 3's role you may ask? Pig 3 encourages the other pigs to run quick. The see how nice it feels to help their pig friends win! 

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