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Making Sand Stick

Play and learn about sand with this fun beachy activity!

Materials Needed

Making Sand Stick

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 10 Minutes

Best done: Outdoors 

Mess Level: Medium


Materials Needed

  • Sand

  • 2 or more buckets

  • Water

Time to Experiment!

  • First have your child(ren) place dry sand in one bucket, ask them to flip it over. What happened?​

    • The sand just pours out; it will not keep its’ shape.

    • Ask them if they have any ideas on how to make the sand keep its’ shape when they turn the bucket over.

  • If they suggest making it damp, great! If not, you can lead them to this idea by putting a little water over some sand and showing them that it sticks together.

  • Then, have them put damp sand in the bucket and flip it over. It should keep its’ shape quite well.


  • Why is this?

    • Adding water to the sand allows the individual little pieces of sand to band together, like a rubber band makes things stick together!  If you add even more water, the rubber band effect goes away and the sand starts flowing! 

  • *If you want to extend your “sand science” even more, have your children experiment with varying amounts of water! They can even look at the sand with a magnifying glass to see all of the tiny grains.

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