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Disappearing Candy Cane

What's the best way to make a candy cane disappear? Experiment and find out with this fun Christmas Themed Science Activity!

Materials Needed

Disappearing Candy Cane

Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium

Time Needed: 10 Minutes + observation time

Best done: Indoors 

Mess Level: Low

Candy Cane

Materials Needed

  • ​Water (hot and cold)

  • Vinegar

  • Candy Canes

  • Jar/glasses

Time to Experiment!

  • To begin grab some candy canes 

  • Then, ask them how they think they can make the candy canes disappear. - other than eating them of course!

  • See what  they come up with, if they need a little help some ideas are:

    • Hot water

    • Cold water

    • Vinegar

    • Crushing up the candy canes

  • Place one candy cane in each item your child(ren) come up with. Ask them to make predicitions - why do they think one liquid will dissolve the candy cane faster than the others?

  • Label each container. Observe! Which one caused the candy cane to dissolve first? 

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