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Exploding Peeps Science

What happens to Peeps when you microwave them? Find out with this fun Easter science activity!

Materials Needed

Exploding Peeps 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Mess Level: Low

Exploded peep

Materials Needed

  • Peep

  • Microwave

  • Multiple glasses/bowls (Optional)

Time to Experiment!

  • For this activity, your child(ren) will observe peeps in the microwave!

  • First ask them to predict what will happen when they microwave peeps. (Perhaps they already know, or have seen marshmallows over a fire?)

​-When they are microwaved, the peep will grow very large!

  • Then set the time on the microwave to about ten seconds (depending on the microwave this could take more/less time). Set another timer to see how long it takes the peep to reach peek size!

  • Have your child(ren) observe how long it takes the peep to shrink down again after being out of the heat of the microwave.


  • **This happens because the peeps have little air bubbles inside of them. When heat is added, the air bubbles grow and grow-causing the marshmallow to expand!


  • ***Another activity you can do with peeps is to ask your child(ren) in what type of liquid a peep will dissolve the fastest! (If they can’t think of any you can offer up suggestions such as: vinegar, water, juice).

  • Then observe the peeps multiple times a day and write down once a peep has dissolved!

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