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Squishy Color Smash

Engage your child's senses while creating a beautiful masterpiece with our squishy color smash art experience!

Materials Needed

Squishy Color Smash

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes 

Best done: Outdoors/Indoors

Messy level: High

Lots of paint colors

Materials Needed

Let's Create!

  • To begin, grab a piece of construciton paper (we recommend this as opposed to regular printer paper because it is thicker).

  • Take your sponges and cut them in half. (Only do this if they are cheap ones that you are okay breaking of course)! This way you don't have to use as many and they fit better in small hands.

  • Dampen the sponges

    • **Older children (1.5+ ish) may like to do this on their own. Place water in a nonbreakable bowl and let them dunk the sponge in and squeeze it to get water out.​

  • Next:

    • 6 months+: Place blobs of paint directly onto the sponges. Place a sponge one at a time onto the paper and help your child to press it down. 

    • 12 months +: Place blobs of paint onto the paper and let your child press a sponge down/move the paint around each.


  •  If you would like to make sure the paint is taste safe, we recommend Veggie Baby Fingerpaint! It is made with food ingredients and can also engage your child's sense of smell!

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