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Handprint Octopus

Create an octopus that is as unique as your child with this cute handrpint art experience!

Materials Needed

Handprint Octopus

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes 

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Low

Handprint Octopus

Materials Needed

Let's Create!

  • To begin, help your child to firmly press ONE had down into the ink pad. 

  • Press their hand down onto the paper.


  • Then press once more (this is the tricky part) with only 3 fingers. To make this step easier, clean the ink off of your child's hands and place 3 fingers into the ink only.

  • Finally, add in eyes and suction cups using the black marker. If your child is able to, ask them to do this portion!

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