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Feet Heart Art

Help your kiddo make a heart out of their adorable little feet!

Materials Needed

Feet Heart Art

Feet forming a heart

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes + dry time

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Medium

Materials Needed

Let's Create!

  • We suggest prepping by laying the construction paper on a splat mat. *Grab a wet washcloth for easy clean up as well!

  • If you would like the heart art to be made into a Valentine's Day card, fold the construction paper in half. 

  • Paint one food red (or whichever color you prefer) and press it down at an angle onto the paper. Then wipe the foot.

  • Paint the other foot red and do the same, with the heel portion over-lapping. 

  • Either leave the heart as-is OR paint the upper portion beetween the feet to make the heart look a bit more complete.

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