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Colorful Clover Reveal

Paint with your little one to reveal a four leaf clover! 

Materials Needed

Colorful Clover Reveal

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 5 minutes + dry time

Best done: Outdoors

Messy level: High

Four leaf clover surrounded by paint

Materials Needed

Let's Create!

  • To begin, print off the clover image - we reccomend using thick paper like cardstock OR gluing into to construction paper after printing and then cutting out (to make it thicker)

  • Cut out the clover image and tape it on the backside (double-sided tape works great) to the white construction paper.

  • THIN OUT YOUR PAINT - mix it with some water OR if you are using the Veggie Baby Paint, simply add more water when you mix the paint up. 

  • Careflly place some blobs of paint all around the clover like this: 

  • Then you have a few options: 

*6 months - 10 months (ish): let them use their hands to spread the paint all around the clover.​

*10 months (ish) and older: Place the paper in a bin and let your little one SHAKE it all around to spread the paint and watch how it moves!​

  • Once dry, carefully remove the clover image to reveal the NEW clover image below!

paint splatters
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