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13 Awesome Subscription Boxes for Kids

Updated: Mar 11

Nowadays there seems to be a subscription box for everything - from shaving needs to funny looking fruits and vegetables. You want it, there's a box for it!

But since your little kids don't need a shaving box...yet, here's a rundown on our top subscription boxes for kids.

Subscriptions covered in this post (click to jump to):

We'll start with one you've most likely heard of: KiwiCo. This company offers a subscription crate for all ages - literally! Don't believe us? Here's their list from the teeny tinies all the way up to adults:

KiwiCo Subscripton boxes

**If you are all about Amazon - here is the link to their Amazon store where you can buy individual items (it does not appear that you purchase a subscription).


If you love montessori-inspired play then you've probably already heard of this next company: Lovevery. They offer wonderful "play kits" for children ages 0 to 4 years old.

The first year the kits are delivered every two months, the years following every three months. Each kit offers toys and activites that are developmentally appropriate to your child's age.

**Like KiwiCo, Lovevery does offer some toys on Amazon however you cannot do a subscription. If you would like to visit their Amazon page, click here.


Moving right along, a subscription box for "toy brick enthusiasts of all ages. Specializing in Subscription Boxes, Custom LED Lighting kits for LEGO as well as Brick and Minifigure sets" - Brick Loot.

They offer: 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. Each box includes 4- 8 items, as-well-as digital building tools!

**Again if you like the ease of Amazon, here is the link to their Amazon store.


Calling all Disney lovers! This next box, Walt Life, is for you. There are four boxes to choose from:

Ears Only: This box, as the title suggests, sends you one pair of ears every three months.

Magic Box: 4+ Mystery items per month with the option to customize

Magic Plus Box: 5+ Mystery items per month with the option to customize

Kingdom Box: 6+ Mystery items per month with the option to customize


If you're looking for "therapeutic play" why not try the Sensory Theraplay Box? These boxes feature sensory goodies "curated by a Pediatric OT!" These boxes are geared "towards children ages 5-9, especially those on the autisum spectrum and with sensory processing needs."


Now, on to a fantastic company that is also doing their part for the environment: Green Kids Crafts. You have the option to purchase a subscription OR choose a single box to purchase. Choosing a subscription saves money, and they offer 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. The longer you choose, the more you save.

3-5 year olds: These boxes include: "4-6 Science and Art activities, plus a 12-page magazine that encourages creativity and learning!" The subscription for this age is called "Junior."

5- 10 year olds: Like the box above these boxes include "4-6 Science and Art activities, plus a 12-page magazine that encourages creativity and learning!" The subscription for this age is called "Discovery Box."


Another craft-related subscription is We Craft Box which offers 4-5 crafts, a themed story, and art materials (for 2-3 of the crafts)! It is suited for children ages 3- 9.

Box subscriptions can be done for: month-to-month, three months, six months, or 12 months.

To visit their Amazon store, click here.


Do you want your child to learn about all sorts of jobs and careers? Take a look at OysterKit! These kits are made for children ages 3-8 years old.

Ages 3-5: Kits include activities related to professions such as: Carpenter, Paleontologist and Mail Carrier.

Ages 5+: Kits include activities related to professions such as: Doctor, Artist, and Detective.

Ages 8+: Kids can learn all about coding!


Do you and your family love to spend time outside? Encourage outdoor exploration with the Think Outside Box! Think Outside offers subscriptions for 2 age groups:

Think Outside Jr.: ages 4-7. These boxes include: an "educational booklet, toys and gear, post card with fun facts and activities, flash cards, activity check lists, and an outdoor badge." (The first box includes even more!)

Think Outside: ages 7-16. These boxes include: an "educational booklet, reference cards, hands-on activities, challenges for the whole family, 3-5 pieces of outdoor gear, national park spotlights and more!" (The first box includes even more!)


Moving on to a box designed for kids who love to cook: Eat 2 Explore! The boxes are recommended for children ages 5 and older. Each box features: 3 recipes from specific country, "unique seasonings," explorer guide and activity sheet that teaches you and your little ones all about the chosen country, cooking tools, collectible "passport," and a shopping list (for fresh ingredients for the recipes). Subscription options include: one, three, six, or twelve months.

**If you want to subscribe through Amazon, click here.


Another food-related subscription box that offers a cooking or baking option is Baketivitiy. This kit is perfect for children ages 4 and up.

Cooking box: This box is geared more towards older children (ages 8 and up) and includes 3 recipes, a cooking tool, coloring pages, conversation cards, and a family activity.

Baking Box: This box is great for children 4 and older and includes: a recipe, pre-measured dry ingredients, an activity and lesson, and a "cook along video."

Both subscriptions include even more bonus materials such as: a chef's hat, monthly STEAM lesson, and a monthly live baking class.

You can choose a: one, three, six, or year-long plan!


Another subscription that will teach your children all about the world is Little Global Citizens.

These boxes are made for children ages 4-10 and include: a country activity guide, book, crafts, activities, and a recipe (some also include a language card).

You can choose an annual (pre-pay and delivered every two months) or bi-monthly subscription (cancel whenever you would like).


Our final subscriptions are made for the readers:

Owl Post Books. There are two subscriptions to choose from, each is available for children ages 0 - 13.

Reader's Imagination Mini: One new book and one craft

Reader's Imaginiation Box: Three new books along with a seasonal craft.

**There is also a subscription for lovers of YA Fantasy

Bookroo: Bookroo is a "book club" that sends boxes of books each month.

Options for readers range from ages 0-12 years old.

We hope this helped find the perfect subscription box for the child(ren) in your life!

Play Connect LLC may recieve compensation for affiliate links.


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