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10 Stocking Stuffers for Young Children That Won't Break the Bank

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Prices of EVERYTHING have sky rocketed this year, to help you out, we've compiled a list of ten items that make great stocking stuffers without costing an arm and a leg!

Ideas are arranged from baby stocking stuffers all the way to preschooler stocking stuffers.

1. Baby teether: If your baby is in the seemingly endless cycle of teething take a look at this adorable teether! It includes a handle, allowing your baby to "get a grip" on it...

2. This "Very Hungry" crinkle book is sure to engage your little one while also teaching them a bit about numbers!

3. If you want to save money while being earth-conscious, check out this adorable Mickey Mouse Stacker made by Green Toys! Green Toys are made in the USA and are made from recycled plastic!

4. These adorable spinners are great for at home or on the go and they can suction to any hard surface.

5. For a great fidgety toy that also builds fine motor skills check out these tubes! Bonus...they come in a pack of 8 so you can divide them between multiple stockings!

6. Play Doh: fantastic for building fine motor muscles and providing tons of entertainment. Get a ten pack for less than 10 dollars!

7. If your child is into puzzles, this tangram puzzle with so many possibilities is sure to engage them!

8. This "Find and Sneak" game is perfect for a rainy day indoors or for fun play outside!

9. For another fun game, check out charades! It is perfect for working on language skills in a fun way!

10. Colorful writing tablet: perfect for a child who likes to draw and write!

Hope we helped all of you shoppers, good luck and happy shopping!

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