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Creative Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Do you find yourself humming along to your children toy's songs instead of the latest music? Does your head hurt from the nonstop beeping and beeping and beeping? How about some gifts that aren't all about loud music, sounds and flashing lights? How about non-toy gifts for kids?!

We have compiled a list of some ideas that (not to toot our own horns) we think are great and (bonus) educational!

To promote Language:

Magazine Subscriptions: Magazines are a fantastic way to expose your child to a different kind of print. They are full of pictures and short bits of text. Not to mention you can donate them when you are done, or use them for art projects! So below is a list of some kid-geared magazines we think are great!

  • Highlights Magazines: This wonderful magazine has subscription options for kids of all ages - no really, they start at age zero! They are designed to support your child's learning in all areas! You can choose to do the Magazines on their own or do one of their subscription boxes which include activities to do as well!

Highlights Magaizne

  • National Geographic: These magazines are perfect for children interested in learning about animals and people all over the world! There are various activities and crafts in the magazines too! The magazines are good for children ages 3 and up.

  • Ranger Rick Magazines: This magazine subscription is run by the National Wildlife Federation and (as the title suggests) is all about animals! They offer subscriptions for children 0 and up!

Book Club/ Book Boxes: Book clubs or boxes are a fantastic way to have a constant stream of new books sent straight to your door! Below are a couple of great options.

  • Bookroo: Offers book boxes for children 0 and older. They are seperated by age group in order to provide the best experience for each child. Cost is anywhere from $19.95- $21.95/ box

  • Dolly Parton's Imagination Library: This is a FREE program that gives books to children all over the United States, (though check your zipcode as it is not available everywhere)!

Personalized Items: This is a great option for all kinds of readers - from the "get that book away from me" to the "I can't put books down ever", children are engaged when it comes to something that features themselves!

  • Wonderbly: Wonderbly offers book personalization for all ages (seriously, even adults!). From books to teach self confidence to preparing for a new sibling - they have it all!

  • I See Me: Another wonderful resource for personalized books, I See Me offers books for occasions from birthdays to becoming a big sibling and beyond!

  • Name Stool: Though a name stool is not your "typical" literacy item it does allow children to see their names in big letters and expose them to a different form of writing! Plus it is convenient in that children can stand on it while washing their hands or maybe even helping you cook!

To promote Sciency/Math Learning

  • Green Kids Crafts: These theme-based kits are designed for kids 2-10 and provide at least four projects per box. Great for learning and made by a company that strives to be green!

  • Kiwi: Though some of the items from KiwiCo are, in fact toys, they have plenty of items that are not and allow children to experiment and investigate so we wanted to include them!

Bonus Deal:

  • Think Outside: Think Outside LLC is a company that aims to get kids outdoors and "discovering nature!" They have subscription boxes for kids ages 4 and up. Price is dependent on how long of a subscription you do - the longer you choose the less it costs per month.

  • STEMkids: While some people may view their items as toys, STEMkids aims to provide children with scientific tools (such as their popular microscope) along with other scientific items!

For kids interested in cooking:

  • Baketivity: Baketivity is all guessed it Baking! Baketivity's baking subscription isn't going to have your childern make plain chocolate chip cookies - instead they may make adorable cake pops, carrots brownies and more! Each box comes with a theme and all of the instructions and dry ingredients you need. If you are looking for awesome baking tools, they have those too! (Some are even currently on sale)!!

  • Eat2Explore: Eat2Explore encourages you and your family to "come together while cooking." Each box gives you the dry ingredients you need to explore the cuisine from a different country along with a flag pin and activity sheet!

Things to do:

  • Zoo and Aquarium Memberships: Zoos are a great way to get outside and, of course, to see the wonderful animals! Many Zoos and aquariums are part of a reciprocal program which means that you may get a discount when visiting a zoo or aquarium that isn't your "home."

  • Children's Museums Memberships: There are many fantastic children's museums all over that offer hands-on learning and playing for kids all year round!

  • Trip to...insert what your child enjoys here

*Lego Land

*Amusement Park

*Trampoline Park

That's all for now! What non-toy gifts do you like to give or receive? Let us know!

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