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How to Survive Traveling with Kids

Updated: May 6

"Once I have traveled here and here and here THEN I will have kids." We have heard this countless times and we get it. The idea of traveling with kids sounds daunting. Sitting in a plane, train...automobile with your child(ren) for hours on end is nobody's idea of a fantastic time. But we are here to tell you it can be done and once you get to your destination it really is fantastic.

If you are brave enough to give it a try, here are some tips to help get you through.

  1. Bring some disinfecting wipes.

Yes kids need to be exposed to germs , but the germs, grime, dirt left on planes (no way they clean those well) maybe aren't so necesarry.

So bring some wipes, and give the most touched areas a quick cleaning before your kids can manage to touch them and then their mouths, eyes, noses...

2. If you are traveling with a baby, more outfit changes than you think are us.

You don't want to be on a plane after your infant has had a blowout...and then another one without the ability to change their diaper. (Yes we speak from experience...). However if you are in this situation a well placed airplane blanket will suffice.

3. If you have an overnight (or over nap) flight a blow-up pillow.

This is a fantastic way to make a "makeshift bed" for your child. It fits perfectly between their seat and the one in front of them in an airplane. Add in their sleep sack or blanket and stuffed animal and *fingers crossed* they will sleep the whole flight.

4. Headphones

Depending on the age of your child, we highly reccomend getting them their own headphones. These ones are great because they have a strong cord that won't break if your child twists it around and around. They are also nice because they are meant to fit a child's head as opposed to the ones on the airplane.

5. A snack

If your child is okay eating what the airplane provides then you proably don't have to worry about this. But if you have a picky eater...a special snack is a good idea! It also helps break up the flight time.

6. Toys...

Easy to pack toys that you (or your child) can have in their carry-on are ideal. We also advise to keep these toys seperate from the "regular toys" that way they are exciting when it comes time to pull them out. Here are some we think are great! If you are looking for even more travel toys, check out our post: Toys that are great for Travel (divided by age group)!

These books are FANTASTIC. No mess and they provide a lot of entertainment. Just remember to fill up the water pens before travel if you won't have easy access to water.

Another no mess coloring option for kids! These awesome doodle boards light up and provide endless coloring opportunities for your child...maybe they will even share with you!

These Wikki Stix are shockingly entertaining, you can twist, pull, shape them any way you want to create...whatever! Just be warned that they are only semi-reusable, if they get too twisted up/together they are difficult to use again.

If your child enjoys doing puzzles, these are nice. Since they are magnetic it is easier to keep track of the pieces aka less digging around between seats and everythiing that that entails.

Coloring Book and Twistable Crayons

While traveling and quickly shoving things into a backpack stuff gets broken and crayons are among the first to snap. Enter these awesome twistable crayons - much sturdier. Will your child still find a way to break them? Probably. But will they last longer? Yes!

There are so many different I Spy books out there for various ages. They are a great way for your child to interact with a book and spend time searching for things on the pages. You may even be able to segway into the "live plane version" : "I Spy something..."

Easy to pack and encouraging fine motor skills?! Count us in. These cute lacing cards are a great way to keep your child entertained while working on their concentration and pincer grasp!

These adorable toys can suction to a tray table or window and keeo your baby entertained for...a while at least.

This soft book is perfect for travel and filled with different things to keep your baby entertained...and hopefully not crying!

Experiencing travel on your own or with your partner or friends is great, don't get us wrong. But with your children - their sense of awe at seeing things for the first time just can't be mirrored in adults. The way there may be difficult but we hope this list helps you survive!

Any other recommendations? Let us know!

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