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Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Updated: 6 days ago

Road trips, long flights, or simply just wanting a moment of silence, just a little bit of sweet sweet silence, whatever your reason for wanting your child to have a little screen time, we have a breakdown of some educational Apps meant for preschoolers. (Note that some of these are also appropriate for younger children).

If you are looking for some guidelines on screen time for your child, this article by the Mayo Clinic gives some great advice.

If you are looking for a tablet specifically for your child, we recommend the Amazon Fire Kid's Tablet. Though it is pricier than other children's tablets , it comes with 2 year warranty (if it breaks they replace), and boasts ad-free content along with easy parental controls. It even comes with a strong case!

ABC Mouse: ABC Mouse offers activities for children ages 2-8 (as well as older children though these programs have different names).

Activities offered: Math, Colors/Art, Science, and Reading

Other Cool Features: "Interactive Zoo" and "Aquarium,

Customizable Avatar

Cost: $45 a year (Free Trial one month trial is available)

Hooked on Phonics: Another program whose goal is to help your child learn to read, Hooked on Phonics aims to support families with children PreK - 2nd Grade. Again as the name suggests they focus heavily on Phonics.

Activities Offered: A monthly workbook along with stories and

App access.

Other Cool Features: You can add up to three children in the App

Cost: $12.99/month + $2.99 shipping (for the workbook and stories).

$1 for the first month offer available with 30 day money back guarantee.

Duolingo ABC: The lessons in this app were "designed by education experts" and are intended for children ages 3-6 years of age.

Activities Offered: reading lessons where children "learn through play"

along with stories.

Other Cool Features: Free downloadable activities to do offline!

Cost: Free!

two girls looking at device gives your child the ability to listen to audiobooks! They offer books for children starting at age zero (so maybe it can even make a roadtrip with a baby a little easier?!).

Activities Offered: audio books..that is all but there are books for

truly all ages.

Other Cool features: The coolest aspect of Libro in our opion

(aside from the actual books) is that is benefits local bookstores.

Cost: $14.99/month gives you an audiobook credit however there is

no extra cost based on age group (aka you can get books too)!

Audible (amazon): Similar to Libro, Audible is all about audiobooks. It also offers books for kids of all ages (and of course for adults).

Activities offered: books, books, books

Other Cool Features: parental controls - allows you to control which

titles your child can see

Cost: Current offer is $5.95 a month for the first four months followed by

$14.95/month. (Free 30 day trial also available). Current Prime members

get 2 free credits for books.

Audible Promotion

Epic: Yet another source for reading, Epic has so many books for children to choose from. Unlike Libro and Audible, Epic books show the images in the books as well. It is curated for children 12 and under.

Activities Offered: Books, Books, Books. Along with this Epic offers

quizzes and badges to encourage reading comprehension.

Other Cool Features: Parents can filter content to make sure it is age

appropriate. You can download books for when you don't have internet

access. Epic School is free for teachers and students to use during

the school day!

Cost: $11.99/month or $79.99/year. (Free 7 day trial available)

PBS Kids: From social emotional learning to letters and numbers PBS Kids has so much to offer. It is great for children ages 2-8 years of age.

Activities Offered: Games and videos to promote learning.

Other Cool Features: PBS offers a "parenting resources" section that

provides parents with tools and other fun projects to do with their kids.

Cost: Free

Mazaam: This app is all about introducing your children to music - it is designed for children ages 4-8 years of age.

Activities Offered: 140+ classical music recordings - app includes

Squirrel World Games.

Other Features: No advertising or uncontrolled purchases, no

internet needed for use.

Cost: Regular app is free, premium is $11.99

Child wearing headphones

Inventioneers: This app allows children to build their own inventions! It appears to be recommended for children ages 4+.

Activities Offered: Creating your own inventions, problem solving.

Other Cool Features: This app encourages scientific learning like

physics and the elements.

Cost: Free version available or $7.99 for full version.

**If you are looking for an app/program that helps your (older - 6 and up) child with math and reading skills, Constructor offers a great program along with a free trial.

So there you have it, 10 great educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers! Do you have any for us to add? Let us know!

Some of the links listed are affiliate links which means Play Connect may recieve compensation.


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