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Creative Non-Candy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Are your kids still working their way through Halloween candy and the mere thought of even more candy coming their way for Valentine's Day has you cringing? Fear not, you've come to the right place - whether you are looking for fun Valentine's Day gifts for your baby, toddler, or preschooler we have a variety of suggestions for you!

To make things easier, we have organized this post by age group. Just click on the age you are looking for! PS head to the bottom to see more Valentine's Day activities and ideas!

Baby -

This adorable board book will warm your heart while introducing your little one to the names of dinosaurs!

This sweet Valentine's lift-the-flap book is perfect for babies. The flaps are nice and strong to prevent them from being ripped off and will help your baby learn Valentine's Day words!

This teether is easy to hold and will help alleviate your child's pain from teething. It can be cleaned by hand and to truly sanitize, submerged in boiling water.

4. Lovey: $9.99

This cute lovey is made with vegan materials and easy to wash. Your little one is sure to enjoy snuggling it for years to come!

A gift your little one and you will love! These mess proof bibs come in a large variety of colors and designs. They are easy to use and waterproof - perfect for all of the spills that are certain to happen!



This fun and loving board book featuring Thing One and Thing Two is sure to bring a smile to your toddler's face!

This heart-shaped poppable toy makes an adorable gift while providing your child with an entertaining way to work on fine motor skills!

These adorable Valentine's Day puzzles are a good step into the puzzling world. They are made from wood and a durable which means lots of play time ahead!

This purse full of heart-shaped fun makes a great Valentine's Day gift for your little one! It is a wonderful toy for hours of pretend play!

This fun, musical book features six nursery rhymes to sing along to with the push of a button. It is sturdy and built for little hands to hold on to!



This book is full of adorable Valentine's Day pictures, a perfect gift for children who enjoy coloring!

Your child is sure to love customizing their own heart-shaped box to store all of their treasures. It comes with paint, a paintbrush, stickers, glue, and glitter glue!

This silly book features Harvey, a heart who has too many know! Kids and adults who think toots are funny are sure to enjoy this book about friendship!

Who can resist these adorable Valentine's Day plushes! With four versions to choose from you are sure to find one perfect for your child!

5. Valentine's Baketivity : (Price Varies) Use code: BakingHearts to save 20%

If your child likes to bake, a Baketivity subscription is perfect! Baketivity sets come with all of the dry ingredients you need to make a delicious recipe along with an activity book! If you aren't ready to purchase a full subscription, their store offers a variety of child-friendly baking tools!


Activities to explore:

Create adorbale Pop-Up Valentines with KiwiCo's easy-to-use set!

Have Valentine's Day fun with Play Connect Activities!

Save on Valentine's Day outfits!

As cute as they are, it can be difficult to purchase Valentine's Day outfits when you know your child may only wear them one time! Here are some ideas on how to save!

  • Do a clothing swap: if you have friends, neighbors, relatives with children that are older than yours and/or younger), why not do a clothing swap it's a win-win!

  • Check Facebook Buy Nothing Group: You may have to sift through some items but people are often looking to get rid of unwanted clothing here!

  • Buy second-hand - check out your local thrift store for some great finds! If you don't have the time or energry to sift through an actual store, check out Kidizen! (Also great if you are looking to sell some children's clothing)!

That's all for now! We hope you have a day filled with love!

This post contains affiliate links from which Play Connect may earn comissions.


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