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Water Transfer

Who can move the water the fastest?

Materials Needed

Water Transfer

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Outdoors

Main Movement: Running

Image by Amritanshu Sikdar

Materials Needed

  • Water

  • Two Buckets

  • Small Cup

  • Outdoor Space

Let's Play!

  • Play this water transfer game based on The Songkran water festival which occurs in Thailand in the month of April. This is a Buddhist festival where people ask for forgiveness while visiting Buddhist monasteries. They believe that water is cleansing. During this time as well, people will throw water onto each other to celebrate and cleanse! (And a good way to have fun)!

  • To begin, fill one bucket up with water, leave the other one empty. 

  • Place the buckets whichever distance apart you would like.


  • Ask your child to scoop water with the cup and bring it to the other bucket as quickly as possible without spilling. 


  • In order to make this a race - set up double to buckets. Then, ask children to race to transfer the water - whoever transfers their water first, wins! **They should be careful not to spill even if they are moving quickly! 

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