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Turkey Napkin Ring

Create an adorable turkey ring with your little ones, perfect for the Thanksgiving table!

Materials Needed

Turkey Napkin Ring

Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium

Time Needed: 15 minutes + dry time

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Medium

Turkey Napkin Ring.jpg

Materials Needed

  • Toilet Paper Rolls

  • Scissors

  • Non-toxic Glue

  • Feathers

  • Googly Eyes

  • Construction paper (scraps)

Let's Create!

  • To begin, cut the roll into thirds.

  • Glue the feathers onto the back side of the ring, we recommend about four feathers. Let dry!

  • Glue on the googly eyes (front side of roll)

  • Cut out the beak using the yellow paper and glue on

  • Cut out the Turkey’s wattle (red hanging thing) – we suggest a triangle but any oblong shape will work too and glue on under the beak.


  • You have a turkey napkin ring!

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