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Throwing Water

Practice throwing water with this science activity based on the Songkran Water Festival!

Materials Needed

Throwing Water

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 7 minutes

Best done: Outdoors

Mess Level: High

Water Filter Maintenance

Materials Needed

  • Water

  • Items to throw water with: bucket, cups, balloons, water squirter etc.

  • Measuring tape

Time to Experiment!

  • The Songkran water festival occurs in Thailand in the month of April. This is a Buddhist festival where people ask for forgiveness while visiting Buddhist monasteries. They believe that water is cleansing. During this time as well, people will throw water onto each other to celebrate and cleanse! (And a good way to have fun)!

  • First have children choose the items they want to experiment with and get them ready!

  • Ask them- With which item will water travel the farthest distance? The shortest distance?

  • Ask them to explain their reasoning (to really get into a scientific mindset). “I believe _____ because______.

  • Record their answers in some way.


  • Then experiment! Measure after each item is thrown by looking at the water splatters. (If you want to make it more exact, you could use food coloring-a different color for each “water thrower”).

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