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Snowball Launch

Who can throw a snowball the farthest?!

Materials Needed

Snowball Launch

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 7 minutes

Best done: Outdoors or indoors - large space

Main Movement: Throwing

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Materials Needed

  • Scrap Paper - crumpled into a ball

  • Bucket/bin (recyling works great)

  • Snow (optional)

Let's Play!

Indoor Option: 

Grab scrap paper and have your child(ren) crumble it up into balls. 

Set some "challenges" for them such as:

  • Who can throw the ball the farthest?

  • Who can get the ball into the bin (we reccommend a recyling bin for easier clean up)

  • Who can throw the ball the highest

This is sure to be a fun challenge as paper does not throw as easily as actual snowballs!

Outdoor option: 

Have children form their own snowballs as big or small as they want and let them experiment with similar challenges as above. 

They will learn in their own way if it is easier or more difficult to throw different sizes of snowballs!

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