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Snow Animal Water Play

 Engage your child with this simple and fun snow animal sensory experience. Place snow animals on "ice bergs" in the water and splash around!

Materials Needed

Snow Animal Water Play

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Medium

Snow Animals on Styrofoam in water

Materials Needed

  • Water

  • Sensory Bin or plastic storage bin with low edges (younger children)

  • Snow Animals - created or plastic

  • Styrofoam Chunks

Let's Create!

  • For children 6 months + (or are not yet sitting) we recommend using a storage bin with low sides so that they are able to lay on their stomachs and still reach into the water.


  • Fill the bin with water and place some LARGE chunks of styrofoam inside (as "ice bergs"). 

  • Next create some snow animals out of cardboard - you may use these images to help -  cut out the animal images and glue to cardboard, then carefully cut out the cardboard!

    • OR grab some baby-safe plastic snow animals like these. (This set of snow animals is recommended for 18 mos and up and requires supervision. It is included in a game by Learning Resources)

  • Let your child splash in the water with them and observe how the ice bergs float. 

    • If you choose to create your own snow animals, you may want to place them in a plastic zipper bag so that they do not get ruined if they end up in the water. ​

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