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Sensory Learning with Noodles

Spirally, twisty, big or small, noodles are fantastic for sensory learning!

Materials Needed

Sensory Learning with Noodles

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes (+ prep)

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Medium


Materials Needed

  • Various Noodles

  • Bowl (or plate/tray)

Let's Create!

  • Noodles present a wonderful opportunity for sensory learning! 

  • We recommend you do this sensory experience during a meal time so that your child is prepared to eat!

  • Choose your noodles: this experience is a great way to use up any extra noodles you may have with various textures - spirals, spaghetti, bow ties (even taste if you have a variety of veggie-based noodles).

  • Cook up most of the noodles and let them cool. While they are cooling, let your child feel the uncooked noodles as well as they present a different senory experience than cooked (just don't let them eat)! Especially with younger children this is a good time to use some descriptive language "wow these noodles are bumpy, oh these ones are smooth" etc.

  • Once cooled, let your child really play with (and eat!) the noodles. Again you can describe them: "these noodles are soft now and sticky. What do they smell like? Mmm these taste good" and so on!

**Hint: if you have even MORE leftover uncooked noodles, you can place them in a sealed container for a fun sensory bottle to engage the sense of hearing!

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