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Sensory Flowers

This Sensory Flower activity will expose your child to the smells and "feels" of various flowers!

Materials Needed

Sensory Flowers

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 10 minutes 

Best done: Indoors/Outdoors

Messy level: Medium

Image by Holly Landkammer

Materials Needed

  • Fresh flowers 

  • Paper

  • Empty spice container (plastic)

Let's Create!

  • As stated above, our "sensory flowers" have three different possibilities.

1. Flowers - come as you are (Careful to not let your child put them in their mouth)! 

  • Flowers themeselves are a wonderful sensory experience, as they provide so many different smells and textures. So for this sensory experience, simply let your child engage with the flowers:​

    • Smell them ​

    • Feel the petals, stems, and leaves

    • Describe to your child what colors you see​​

  2. Dried Flower Petals: For this experience, dry out some flower petals beforehand (place them on a tissue and turn them every couple days). Once they are dry, place them in your empty spice container. Tape the container shut and your little one can smell and see the petals!​

3. Fresh petal rubbing: For this experience, determine which type of flowers you would like to use and (optionally) print out an image of that flower. Then, rub petals from that flower onto the print-out. You now have scented flower images for your child to explore! 

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