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Pumpkin Rolling

Rolling a ball with your little one is a great way to build up much-needed motor skills, put a fun Halloween twist on it and use a pumpkin instead!

Materials Needed

Pumpkin Rolling

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Hand-eye-coordination

Baby with pumpkin

Materials Needed

Let's Play!

  • As stated above, playing the game of rolling a ball back and forth promotes wonderful motor development. This may seem like a small movement but in reality it helps with: hand-eye-coordination, fine motor muscles (think when you do a small push), leaning from center of  gravity, visual tracking and much more. All of that being said this activity puts a Halloween twist on it. 

  • 6 Months-one year: roll the pumpkin directly to them and see if they can grab it. Most likely they will not yet be able to roll it back to you but you can encourage them to! (you may want to use a fake pumpkin for this age group as real ones are a bit heavy)

  • One year and up: roll the pumpkin directly to your child and encourage them to roll it back. Then proceed to roll it slightly to the side so that they have to lean, challenging their center of gravity. 

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