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Fill the Pot of Gold

This Pot of Gold Fill activity is a great St Patrick's Day Fine Motor Activity for Babies and Toddlers. Children will work on their pincer grasp while "filling their pot!"

Materials Needed

Fill the Pot of Gold

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Pincer Grasp

Image by Ash _ Ismail

Materials Needed

  • Construction paper or foam

  • Tape 

  • Child-safe scissors

  • Empty Tissue Box (Pot)

Let's Play!

  • To begin, create the "gold coins" - cut out large circles out of the construction paper or foam (foam works better as it does not rip as easy). 

  • Place the coins:

*6 Months + : Don't actually tape them down, place them around your little one letting them use a raking motion to try and grab the coins. If they are able, show them how to push them into the tissue box (pot).​

*10 months + (sitting/standing): tape the coins down on the floor and let your little one push them into their "pot."

*12 months + (walking): Tape coins at various levels (windows, floor, cabinets etc.) to encourage your child to bend, stretch, and reach for the coins and then place them into their "pots."

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