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How to Create a Super Easy Busy Box

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

If you are asking yourself what is a busy box and why on earth do I need one - the simple answer is it is a box made to keep your little one busy! These "busy" items usually provide sensory entertainment for you little one while also helping them to build their fine motor skills.

You don't have to be super crafty to make one of these, and in the end your little one will have something new to play with and you won't have spent a dime!

To begin, gather up:

  • A shoebox

  • Hot glue (or any glue that works very well aka child won't rip things off right away),

  • Pieces of foam (or something similar to cover the cardboard)

  • Random items that may entertain your toddler. We used:

    1. A jacket that would have otherwise been thrown out - this provided a zipper, a buttoned pocket to open and close, and a belt

    2. Pieces of velcro (if you don't have rolls, you can use from an old shoe)

    3. Pickle lid (to make that fun popping sound)

    4. Lid of an old instant coffee jar (to peek-a-boo the sock)

    5. A fuzzy sock that had lost its partner

Next we cut off all of the pieces of the jacket we wanted to use and covered the box in foam (you can totally use foam scraps - your child will not care if you did a perfect job covering the box).

We stuck the sock inside of the coffee lid and glued it in.

And glued down a strip of the rough part of velcro. Then one side of the fuzzy part fuzzy side down - so that your child can pull the velcro up but not all the way off.

Finally we used hot glue to glue our jacket items on.

There you have it, a cheap and easy busy box to provide your little one with hours of fun! Bonus: this box is easy to take with and will hopefully keep your child from screaming while you try to drive.

Questions or comments? Let us know!


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