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Penguin See, Penguin Do

This Penguin themed motor activity is perfect for babies and toddlers; all you need to play is your baby and you!

Penguin See, Penguin Do

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Crawling/Climbing/Rolling

Happy Mother with her Child

Materials Needed

  • None!

Let's Play!

Penguins like to move in groups most of the time and babies like to follow their parents!

Younger kids: keep it very simple and do some role-reversal! Instead of your little on following you, follow them. If they roll over, you roll over, if the crawl, you crawl. If they move their hands over their head, you do the same! In the end, you can try out if they will mimic you too! 

Older kids: similar to above, however try and have them mimic you from the get-go. Start with movements they know well and show BIG excitement when they do it to encourage them. 

If there is a movement they are working on learning and like to practice, throw that in too! Feel free to add in some waddling for this age group to try and follow and some "penguin sounds!"

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