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Paper Plate Polar Bear 

Using a paper plate, some white fluff, and construction paper, you will be able to create a fuzzy and lovable polar bear. This preschool polar bear art activity is a simple and easy way to explore this amazing snow animal!

Materials Needed

Paper Plate Polar Bear

Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Needed: 20 minutes + dry time

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Medium

Polar Bear art activity

Materials Needed

  • Paper plate

  • Construction paper

  • Child-safe scissors

  • Pipe Cleaners

  • Non-toxic glue

  • Googly Eyes

Let's Create!

  • Cut two half circles out of the white paper and attach them to the back of your paper plate towards the top (for the ears).  


  •  Cover the front of the plate in cotton balls (or other white, soft thing like the stuffing from an old toy or pillow)


  • Cut a circle for the nose (or use a cotton ball like in our picture above). If you are not using googly eyes, two more for the eyes and glue them onto the plate.  


  •  Add a mouth using yarn or pipe cleaner. Cut a small piece and set vertically under the nose. Cut a larger piece and curve it directly under the vertical piece of pipe cleaner. (See image above for reference).

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