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Ocean Animal Rescue

Encourage fine motor skills with this fun ocean animal rescue experience!

Materials Needed

Ocean Animal Rescue

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Pincer grasp

Starfish Toy taped down

Materials Needed

  • Ocean Animal Toys

  • Tape

Let's Play!

  • This "Ocean Animal Rescue" experience will encourage your child's pincer grasp! This activity is best suited for children 9 months and up. For younger variation, see below.

  • To begin, choose your ocean animals - these ones work great for smaller hands and double as "mold free" bath toys!

  • Next, tape your toys down in some fashion, you can do this directly on the floor, on a *window, in a bath tub etc, as long as you choose a tape-safe surface. 

*We recommend only taping on a window if your child is able to stand on their own (or sit if it is a low window)​

  • Encourage your child to "save" the ocean animals! 

    • Younger children will probably pull directly on the toys themselves, older children may try to peel the tape. Either way it will help build their fine motor skills. ​

    • Tape toys tightly for more difficulty, loosely to make it easier.

  • Variation for younger children or those not yet able to easily grasp small objects:

    • Hide the ocean animals in something they are able to consume already (for example yogurt), let them "rescue the animals" that way.

    • Place a ribbon or scarf over the ocean animal and let them be rescued that way.

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