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Halloween Songs and  Stories

Enjoy these fun Halloween themed songs and books perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! 


Five Little Pumpkins

Sing along to this fun fingerplay Halloween song!

The Skeleton Dance
Super Simple Songs
(youtube link)

Skeleton Costumes

Dance and sing to this fun Skeleton Dance song! 

If I were a Ghost
Noodle & Pals
(Youtube Link)

Dog in ghost outfit

This fun song is sure to get you into the Halloween spirit!

Halloween Freeze Dance
(youtube link)

Boy in Fox Costume

Get moving while singing along to this fun Halloween freeze dance song!


Halloween is Coming

This rhyming book is a great way to get children excited about Halloween!

Pumpkin Jack Book Cover

This Halloween inspired book will give your child a great insight into the life cycle of plants!

Pete the Cat Trick or Treat

Ever-popular Pete the Cat is at it again with this fun Halloween themed book!

Big Pumpkin

This fun Halloween also shows children a great lesson on how to work together to complete a task.

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