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Halloween Jello Dig

Your child is sure to love this Halloween Sensory experience that makes a perfect sweet snack!

Materials Needed

Halloween Jello Dig


Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 10 minutes + setting  time

Best done: Indoors

Messy level: Medium

Materials Needed

  • Orange Jello

  • Plastic spiders or other halloween items

  • Baking Dish

  • Splat Mat (optional but recommended)!

Let's Create!

  • To start this experience, we get some orange jello to go with the Halloween them.

  • Create it according to the box instructions, but prior to refrigerating, place some "Halloween Items" in (make sure they are large enough that your kids can't choke and wash them first!) such as: spiders, little monsters, eyeballs etc.

  • Once the jello has finished setting, place the dish on the splat mat or other easy to clean surface

  • Let your child dig the items out! 

    • Note that younger children may need some encouragement to do this at first as jello is such an interesting thing to touch!​

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