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Garden Songs and  Stories

Check out our song and book recommendations for a Garden theme below!


Planting Time Song Image

Have fun singing and moving to this planting song!

Grow, Grow, Grow
Toon Bops
(Youtube Link)

Germinated Plant

Sing about how a seed grow, grow, grows!

The Seed Song
Let's Roll Snowball
(Youtube Link)

Seed Delivery

Learn and sing about what a seed needs to grow

Roots, Stems, Seeds, Flower

Firefly Family Theater

(Youtube Link)

Image by The New York Public Library

Learn about the different parts of a plant with this fun song!


My Garden

Read all about what a little girl pictures in her perfect garden. 

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt book cover

Learn all about how a young child cares for her garden all year long.

the tiny seed book cover

Read all about how a tiny seed becomes a big flower.

Lola Plants a Garden book cover

Read how Lola is inspired by beautiful Garden Poems

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