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Garden Grab

This Garden Themed Fine Motor activity for babies will help your little one explore the Garden while expanding their fine motor skills in a fun way!

Materials Needed

Garden Grab

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Grabbing, dropping

Pink Shovel in tissue box

Materials Needed

  • Empty Tissue Box

  • Gardening toys

  • Pretend fruits and vegetables (optional)

Let's Play!

  • To begin this activity, grab your empty tissue box and place some "gardening" items inside of it. Some ideas:

    • Gardening Toys (no small pieces) ​

    • Pretend Flowers

    • Pretend Food (Fruits and Vegetables)

  • 6  Months + (still laying): grab garden items out the the tissue box for your little one and place them in front of them. Encourage them to grab onto the item - as they do, say what the name of the item is "oh you grabbed a shovel!" Help them to put the item back in the box.

  • 9 Months + (Sitting unassisted): Encourage your child to grab items out of the tissue box, as above describe what they item is as they grab it.

  • 12 Months + (standing/walking): Place the tissue box away from you and encourage your little one to grab an item to bring to you. As they do describe what the item is and what you do with it "Oh you grabbed a shovel, we dig with the shovel!"

**To go further with this garden grab (for older children) you could ask them about each item "do we eat this?" 

You may also encourage them to help you dig in the garden with the shovel, another great way to build arm muscles!

Other Garden Motor 

Child pulling on item on window

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