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Fall Leaves Sensory

Fall leaves provide easy, fun, and free sensory experiences!

Materials Needed

Fall Leaves Sensory

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 10 minutes 

Best done: Indoors/Outdoors

Messy level: Low - Medium

child boots in leaves

Materials Needed

  • Fall Leaves 

  • Sensory Bin (optional)

Let's Create!

  • Fall leaves present a wonderful opportunity for sensory learning! Below are  different ideas to encourage this learning. 

Go on a fall leaf walk (also works great with our fall art experiences)

  • As you are walking, take your time to really engage with the leaves - this sounds funny, we know but here is what we mean...with your little one:

    • Find leaves of all sizes, colors, and shapes. Describe them to your child (name them if you can), or if your child knows their colors, ask them which ones they see? Which one do they like the best?

    • Touch the leaves, are they wet or dry? Cruncy or soft? Can you crumble them in your hands? This can include walking on leaves, either you (if your child cannot walk yet) or you and your child can walk through the leaves, kick them up into the air or hear them crunch. Again describe these experiences with your child. 

    • Smell the leaves! If you are able to, compare the scent of recently fallen leaves vs. brown crunchy ones. ​

  • Sensory bin: A sensory bin doesn't have to be this expensive thing, though there are beautiful, expensive ones out there. It can be a: tissue box, shoe box, empty Amazon box or, if you want a cheaper, yet functionally small sensory bin, this one works great.

    • If you can, collect leaves while on your walk, along with other fall items such as: pinecones, sticks. Place them in a bin. Let your child play with these items (monitoring them of course). 

    • You can also place a small rake inside (like one for a sandbox), measuring cups and spoons etc. 

Other Fall Sensory Activities

Child's handing reaching towards tree

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