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Easter Egg Roll

A fun Easter egg game to play with your little one!

Materials Needed

Easter Egg Roll

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Needed: 5 minutes

Best done: Indoors

Main Movement: Rolling/tossing and object

Three easter eggs in green shredded paper

Materials Needed

  • Easter Eggs

  • Empty Box

  • Scissors

  • Easter basket grass (optional)

Let's Play!

  • To begin, cut the top and one end of your box off, leaving the longest sides and one end in-tact.


  • If desired, glue on some Easter basket grass, this will provide an interesting sensory experience for your little one as-well-as some resistance when tossing/rolling the eggs. 


  • Another option before you begin is to place objects into the eggs to give them different weights (i.e. a small stone, some rice etc.). If you do choose to do this, ensure that you tape the egg firmly shut so your child cannot open it. 


  • To play:


  • 6 months + (or still laying): Show your child how you roll  the egg across the box. Help them to swat the egg and watch how it moves! If you decided to put "basket grass" down, they may push the egg in and out of that, another great motor and sensory experience!

  • 9 months + (or sitting): Encourage your little one to either roll the egg in the box OR drop it in. Another way to engage with them at this age is by hiding the eggs in the grass (if you have placed it inside) and having them look for them!

  • 12 months + (or standing): Encourage your child to either roll the egg or throw the egg into the box and see how far it rolls. If you have placed various items into the eggs, this is a great way for them to experiment with how difficult it is for different weights to be thrown. 

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