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Dinosaur Songs and  Stories

Check out our preschool Dinosaur song and book recommendations below!


I want to catch a dinosaur song image

This fun dinosaur song lets children's imaginations run wild as they picture trying to catch a dinosaur!

We're Going on a Dinosaur Hunt
(Youtube Link)

Kids in the Museum

This fun song similar to the "We're going on a Bear Hunt" book is another great way to get your child in the dinosaur finding spirit!

The Dinosaur Dance
Danny Go!
(Youtube Link)

Child in dinosaur costume

This fun dinosaur dance song is sure to get your child up and moving!

Baby T-Rex
(Youtube Link)

Green Dinosaur

This "Baby T-Rex" song is to the tune of "Baby Shark" which means your child is sure to love it...and it's sure to get stuck in your head!


how to catch a dinosaur book cover.

This fun book is sure to get your child thinking about all of the ways they could catch a dinosaur!

How do Dinosaurs Books

The How do Dinosaurs book series covers everything from going to bed to playing with friends. A great book series!

The Impatient Dinosaur

If your child is really into dinosaurs but not so good with waiting this book is perfect!

First Big Book of Dinosaurs

If you are looking for a book of age-appropriate dino facts this book does an amazing job!

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