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Circus Songs and  Stories

Check out our song and book recommendations below!


Take me out to the circus song lyrics

Sing this fun Circus song to the tune of "Take me out to the Ball Game"

Circus Music (Instrumental)
The Hit Crew
(Youtube Link)

Image by Stephen Noble

Close your eyes and listen to the music - you will feel like you are at the Circus!

At the Circus
Bindi's Music and Rhymes
(Youtube Link)

Rodeo Clown

Sing all about the circus with this fun song!

Wobbly Clown Dance
Mosi and Moo
(Youtube Link)

Image by Dawin Rizzo

Wibble and Wobble along to this Circus Clown song!


You see a circus book cover

Read all about life inside of a circus from the perspective of a young boy.

Olivia Saves the Circus book cover

Read all about Olivia's adventurous day when she visited the circus!

Clifford at the Circus book cover

Read all about Clifford's experience at the circus!

Skippyjon Jones book cover

Read all about Skippyjon Jones latest Circus - fun adventure!

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