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Caterpillar and Butterfly
Songs and  Stories

Check out our song and book recommendations for a Caterpillar and Butterfly theme below!


The Very hungry Song Image

Combine reading understanding and singing with this fun song!

Hungry Caterpillar
The Learning Station
(Youtube Link)

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Sing and learn about a hungry caterpillar!

The Butterly Dance
Patty Shukla Kids TV
(Youtube Link)

Image by Suzanne D. Williams

Sing and move while learning about the life stages of a butterfly 

Butterfly Song

The Kiboomers

(Youtube Link)

Image by Vincent van Zalinge

Flutter along with this butterfly song!


Very Hungry Caterpillar Book Image

This classic book is perfect for any caterpillar theme! 

Very Impatient Caterpillar book

Learn about patience and caterpillars with this fun book!

Caterpillar to Butterfly Book

Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly with this nonfiction book.

Butterflies book cover

Learn about the importance of butterflies with this nonfiction book written just for kids!

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